Medical Utensils

February 28, 2009

Medical Utensils/Hospital Holloware

Utensils which are used for various medical & surgical applications or patient care in hospitals can be termed as Medical Utensils or Hospital Holloware. They are also called as Surgical Utensils. Surgical/Medical utensils or Hospital Holloware are utilitarian items required at any healthcare center or even for convalescing patients at home. These are made from durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel and also plastic utensils. Kidney trays, bed pans, urinals, surgical instrument trays, gallipot & sputum mugs, dressing drums, forceps jars etc. are some of the widely used utensils in healthcare structures. Here, in following paragraphs, we would describe few surgical utensils:

Bedpan: A bedpan is a shallow vessel usually consisting of a metal, glass, or plastic receptacle for urinary and fecal discharge and used by a bedridden patient for defecation and urination.

Kidney Tray: A Kidney Tray (kidney dish) is a renaiform bowl used in medical and surgical wards to collect soiled dressings and other medical waste. Made from stainless steel, kidney trays are reusable dishes. Disposable ones are usually made from pulp or plastic. The particular shape of the dish allows it to be held against the patient’s body to catch any falling fluids or debris.

Instrument Trays: Made from Stainless Steel or Aluminium, Instrument Trays (Surgical Trays or Dressing Trays) are available in various sizes. They are generally used by surgical scrub nurses on their operating room back tables, as well as hold and display with easy access, a number of forceps, knife handles and retractors.

Many other medical utensils such as bowls & basins, feeding cups, bucket with cover, forcep jars, surgical boxes, measuring spoons, douche can etc. are extensively used rendering them indispensable for medical practice.

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